MOKOH. That’s how you spell Music.

Music is everything to us. And everything is music.

With our office in Berlin, we are at home in one of the most vibrant cities of the world.

Berlin sounds colorful, exciting, and different every day. Life pulsates here. Every street corner is bursting with creativity. Here, everything comes together.  Here, we get inspired. Here, everything is allowed. Here, we live and love. Here is where the music plays. Here we are.

That’s why there is music in every step of ours. We inhale it. We live with it; lean ourselves on it; laugh and cry with it. Music is freedom to us. Music is courage.  Music is for us as international as the Ku’damm, as creative as a Friedrichshain backyard. Music sticks out like the punks on Alexanderplatz. Music needs space like the street musicians on Schönhauser Allee. And music can emotionalize a brand.

We celebrate music in the highest of praise und handle it respectfully. We see ourselves as musical messengers, mediators, and consultants between the commercial industry and music. We work with a network of some of the best in their field composers, producers, sound designers, and artists: who always stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

This is how we bring together brands with composers and artists, who may not know yet that they are completely meant for one another. We make sure that in the end a trio is formed, which has a perfect final chord for everyone. Just when we are internally happy and everything fits, do we press on “Command + S” and send it to our clients. Our customers appreciate this about us and thank us with their trust and respectful working relationship: both of which are very important to us.

Furthermore, we are able to book for you: orchestras, choirs, bands, studios and musicians all over the world, the best “singing” violin, the boldest beatboxer, and a singing tribal chief.  We can cast during the Rio Carnival in the Sambodromo; or find the one Emo artist, who would play a major cord just for us; and let Frank Sinatra’s voice come alive again.

Through our optimism and aspirations, we are able to do everything that the budget allows – and sometimes even a little bit more. We are your Heroes just for one day. If needed we stay up until Morning has broken, and until our clients are as happy as Pharrell.

A selection of our clients and partners

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