Laura Bohn

What is your position at Mokoh Music?
Music Supervisor

How do you spell Music?

Which “earworm” usually gets stuck in your head?
Earworms are very erratic – at the moment it’s often “strongboi” by strongboi, “See You Again” by Tyler, The Creator and “Everyday is a Holiday” by Dope Lemon

What is your favorite album, song, or artist?
The crown wanders regularly – but Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” and Mort Garson’s “Plantasia” are always good.

To what beat / speed beats your heart?
Every day brings a new tempo.

For what commercial would you have liked to have chosen or produced the music for?
Chosen: Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split FEAT. Enya’s “Only Time”
Produced: “Dumb Ways to Die”

What does your city sound like?
Diverse, courageous, original, unpredictable

Who or what inspires you?
Nature with it’s colors and sounds – but just as much artists, partners, and spots I would’ve liked to work on.

For what brand would you really like to do the music for?
PEPSI – such amazing cooperations in the past: Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Notorious B.I.G., Aretha Franklin

What was the strangest request you have ever received?
I’m sure the strangest request is still to come – weirder is always possible.

Can you tell us a personal secret of yours?
The Spotify playlist “90’s Smash Hits” is my secret favorite when tidying up my house!

What are the challenges of your job and for the years to come?
Always staying original and standing out from the homogenous mass.

What is your biggest wish?
Living on a sail boat anywhere in the world and collaborating with brands and music from the water.