Stephan Moritz

What is your position at Mokoh Music?
Executive Producer, in other words jack of all trades.

How do you spell Music?
Just like you spell it: M-O-K-O-H.

Which “earworm” usually gets stuck in your head?
Every day a different tune; today “Freaky like me” by Madcon and during sport “Beast” by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard.

What is your favorite album, song, or artist?
Whatever I can’t stop listening to right now.
Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones are my heroes, as well as Rick Rubin.

To what beat / speed beats your heart?
120bpm, always works.

For what commercial would you have liked to have chosen or produced the music for?
Every day is day one – Samsung
Made of Black – Guinness

What does your city sound like?
Colorful, crazy, open, modern, pulsating, international

Who or what inspires you?
All the people that are important to me; the customers and their briefings; the amazing composers, producers, and artists with whom I get to work with; the ideas, which I see and would’ve loved to have worked on myself.

For what brand would you really like to do the music for?
I think the better question is, for which brand I wouldn’t like to make music for?

What was the strangest request you have ever received?
Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe I’ve spent too much time working in the advertising field to be surprised by anything.
Although, there is something I will never forget: a request for some artists for the biggest
music festival of a very special country.  Which country? North Korea.  The meeting with the North Korean embassy worker went a bit, well don’t ask…

Can you tell us a personal secret of yours?
When I’m alone, I’m the best air guitar, base, and drum player of the world.

What are the challenges of your job and for the years to come?
To find enough time for my two boys; all while keeping up my motto “I work because I love that shit”; and to get our clients spelling music only with: M-O-K-O-H.

What is your biggest wish?
That everything stays the way it is, just better.